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Prof. Dr. Abdul Samad, a renowned name of Pakistan, Doctorate in Alternative Medicines from USA. Prof. Dr. Abdul Samad has introduced first time World’s most powerful Healing system SAMDA that works within minutes on any kind of  chronic disease. Millions of people are taking advantage from this natural health and wellness course. Another prominent work of Prof. Dr. Abdul Samad is world’s most successful formula for activating Human Magnetism called Human Magnetic Frequency HMF, Power of Mind and Body Language (PMBL), D. A. Instant Reiki, D. A. Instant Yoga introduced under 6 schools of thoughts of Zheel Sciences. Dr Abdul Samad is also a  Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP) licensed by society of NLP (USA) and Richard Bandler. Instructor Silva ultra mind ESP System (USA) www.silvaultramind.com. He is acclaimed as the Prince of Healing & is the recipient of the Quaid-e-Azam Gold medal Award. Acknowledged as one of the Golden Personalities of Pakistan.

Dr Abdul Samad has expertise in several mind sciences and alternative medicines techniques which he has been using since 20 years for bringing his patients quickly back to health, wholeness, well being and activating their innate mind powers.

His specialty is the integration of the world’s most powerful healing techniques like SAMDA healing System. This comprehensive healing system helps patients heal quickly, also contains higher frequencies that attune automatically all kind of Reiki master and grand master levels. SAMDA healing System is 99.99% powerful than Reiki according to Reiki Practitioners. 

Dr Abdul Samad’s Alternative Health practices are unique in the way of treatment and educating people about their health and wellbeing with no side effects. Students achieve satisfaction and best results with SAMDA healing System. Dr Abdul Samad’s student successfully implementing SAMDA Healing System in all over the world since 15 years. His students are not only taking care of their own health but they have been trained to help in dealing with all type of health conditions of any person surrounds them.

Due to his remarkable work for peace and humanity, recently Government of Pakistan has elected him as Chief Organizer of National Peace and Justice Committee of South Karachi.

Dr Abdul Samad has been appeared to several famous national and private TV Channels like GEO TV, PTV NEWS, Health TV, PTV HOME, ATV, ARY NEWS, HUM TV, TV ONE, INDUS TV, VIBE TV, HAQ TV,. Dr Abdul Samad’s TV program on Health “Natural Health” with Dr Abdul Samad is a famous health show among TV audience.

He has founded ZHEEL Sciences Institute first time in Pakistan in 1993 at Lahore. Zheel Sciences Institute offers wide-ranging alternative medicines practices under which we treat a vast array of health disorders and illnesses. Dr Abdul Samad has conducted thousands of seminars and workshops on ZHEEL Sciences, Alternative Medicines, Natural Healing, and Mind Sciences. His millions of students are practicing nationally and internationally Zheel Sciences studies successfully and helping humanity in unique way in coping their severe health issues. Prof Dr Abdul Samad has gifted with amazing talents for curing diseases and natural ability to impart this knowledge. He has been teaching guide to many Doctors, Psychologists and professionals from various walks of life. Dr Abdul Samad has also closely worked with Red Crescent, World Health Organization, UNICEF.

Currently, Dr Abdul Samad is serving people in treatment of Diseases under Zheel Sciences Institute, Healing poor and needy people in free health camps which has been organized under Health Happiness Society. With his company registered in UK “Natural Health with Dr Abdul Samad” Prof Dr Abdul Samad has come up with natural products for natural health care. One os his includes Production House “Samad Production under which several of informative documentaries on natural health and mind sciences has been made and on aired on different TV channels.



1.   National Peace Conference (22 April 2012).

2.   TIBB-E- PAKISTAN Best Physician AWARD 2012.

3.   Institute of Business Management (March -31-2011).

4.   Youth leader ship Conference (19th july-12).

5.   Best Performance Award 2011.

6.   NPCIH (Peace Commission for Interfaith Harmony 2012.

7.   Café Vision Voice of the Next Generation.

8.   Pakistan Peace Award 2011.

9.   Achievement Award PPA.

10. Oriental NARCOTICS (Welfare Society Lahore).

11.  Achievement Award PPCP (Public place council Pakistan).

12. Punjab Peace Conference 2012.

13. TIBBE Conference 2012.

14. Shield of Excellent 18th International conference of integrated medicine.

15. Human Rights Award 2012.

16. Lahore Health Conference 2012.

17. 3rd Martyr Naim Benazir Human Rights conference 2011.

18. International TB day 2012.

19. Patriot Awards 2004.

20. Achievement Award Dr.Zafar Iqbal Mian.

21. Quaid –e-Azam Pakistan Drugs Free Lahore.

22. Pakistan Society Anae.