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icon12SAMDA is an amazing ‘Life Changing Formula’ discovered by Prof. Abdul Samad. It has changed the lives of more than 2 million people around the world. SAMDA is the world most success full healing system which improves your physical, psychological and spiritual health and strengthens your belief in the love and power of Allah Almighty. SAMDA unlocks your natural healing power and connect it to the universal healing force to make you more strong and successful in life. Being a positive healing force, it brings positive change in life which you can feel after attending the 1st session in few hours. SAMDA has amazing features to turn your life towards positivety , power and success. Read More.


icon 11HMF (Human Magnetic Frequency) is another marvelous discovery of Prof. Abdul Samad who has presented it as an amazing ‘Life Success Formula’ to overcome all kinds of obstacles in life with easy to implement techniques. HMF has brought wonderful changes in the lives of more than 1 million people around. HMF unlocks hidden magnetic force which you can feel in your 1st class. It increases human magnetic power to help you achieve your aim of life through daily, weekly, monthly & yearly goals. HMF improves your confidence, concentration power, learning ability, intelligence and strengthens your belief in yourself and the Power of Allah Almighty. Read More.


icon13PMBL (Power of Mind & Body Language) offers best techniques to use the power of mind and body language to get success and happiness in life. Prof. Abdul Samad has discovered PMBL as ‘Natural Self Grooming’ course where you learn to use your word power, face expressions, conversation skills & overall body language to become presentable and confident personality. Thousands of students have used PMBL formulas to turn their unattractive and unsuccessful self image into a confident, presentable and successful image. You can feel this confidence and can learn these amazing skills in just 1 session to take your success level where you actually want. Read More.

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No Side Effect

SAMDA is an amazingly unique natural healing system which carries ‘No Side Effect’ for the healer and the patient both either in learning it or in applying it for any kind of physical, psychological & spiritual problem. Read More.

Fastest Healing Energy

SAMDA is the ‘World Fastest Healing Energy’ which works perfectly at distance as well to cure all types of issues with its intelligent diagnosis feature. It improves physical, mental & spiritual health simultaneously. Read More.

World Most Powerful Healing System

SAMDA is the ‘World Most Powerful Natural Healing System’ whose basic healer levels can make you stand equal to the master healer level of other healing systems including reiki etc. Read More.

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ZSSRC is inviting all students to get membership card to prove their identity as our student and use it to attend our sessions in any corner of the world. 

Prof. Abdul Samad

metaphysical sciences book by dr.samadProf. Abdul Samad is a renowned researcher & scholar who has discovered the World’s Most Successful Life Changing Formula ‘SAMDA’, HMF (Life Success Formula) & PMBL (Natural Self Grooming Course). He has founded ZSSRC in 1993 to broaden the scale of his research on alternative medicines & to impart this knowledge to others. He is an avid researcher of exobiology, archaeology, natural healing methods & ancient human history.

This vast asset of research & knowledge led him to write 15 books on various subjects including natural medicine, metaphysical sciences & miraculous healing methods to prove himself the world best healer, competent enough to deal with almost all types of issues human race is facing today. He has also been the famous anchor of Top Rating Health Show ‘Natural Health with Dr. Abdul Samad.’

For more than 20 years, he has been applying SAMDA, HMF & PMBL to bring his people back to life with the help of positive thinking and natural healing powers.

Being a natural health expert, he has also worked with world renowned health organizations including WHO, UNICEF & Medicines Sans Frontiers etc. For such remarkable real life achievements, he has been awarded by several organizations & universities. He is considered one of the ‘Golden Personalities of Pakistan’.

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