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  • *Introduction to ZSSRC

Zheel Sciences Studies & Research Center (ZSSRC) was founded in 1993 by International Researcher and Scholar Prof. Abdul Samad with a ‘Great Mission’ to make people get rid of lethal side effects of medicines & learn about living a natural healthy life with success and happiness. It was a great endeavor to bring everything related to Natural Health, Healing & Mind Sciences under one roof.

Thousands of seminars & sessions have been conducted under the banner of Zheel Sciences to create awareness about natural living with the help of alternative medicine and the power of human mind and body. Today millions of Zheel Sciences students including professional doctors, scholars, teachers, healers, business owners, house wives, talented youngsters & researchers are practicing its life changing techniques to bring happiness and success in their own life as well as in the lives of people living around them.

  • *What is the Meaning of ‘Zheel’?

The term ‘Zheel’ comprises two words ‘Zh’ and ‘eel’ – ‘Zh’ means ‘group’ & ‘eel’ means ‘energies’. Thus ‘Zheel’ means ‘the group of energies’ comprising the whole universe. Zheel Sciences is an amazing field of science which deals with universal energies & their impact over human life. At ZSSRC, Prof. Abdul Samad along with his team of professionals has been carrying out extensive research on unlimited abilities of human mind, universal healing energies & metaphysical powers to develop comprehensive yet quick methodologies to bring positive change in human life with minimal effort.

Schools of ZSSRC

Zheel Sciences has been divided into 6 schools of studies including:

1- School of Healing Energies

2- School of Magnum Powers

3- School of Mind Sciences

4- School of Meditation

5- School of Alternative Medicines

6- School of Yoga

At Zheel Sciences students discover the true way of leading a healthy and successful life by unlocking their natural healing energies and spiritual powers to attain the real state of harmony and peace.

  • *Market Position

ZSSRC under the leadership of Prof. Abdul Samad has a very strong position in the market in terms of credibility and reliability. At ZSSRC, we respect our competitors and our allies both. We feel really grateful to Almighty to say that we have grown as an organization; starting from a very minute level going on to become what we are today: a group of companies. The respect and status that we have gained during our journey speaks for itself.

  • There are 0.3 million followers of Prof. Abdul Samad/ZSSRC only on Social Media.
  • Thousands of people visit our website daily.
  • There are about five thousand TV Programs and healing sessions of Prof. Abdul Samad on Daily Motion and YouTube being viewed and shared all over the world.
  • We have worldwide fame and any one can find the complete details of our promotions and products on our website and social media platforms.
  • Above all the courses Prof. Abdul Samad/ZSSRC has discovered and teaching others are unique and invaluable. Everyone from every corner of the world is warmly invited to our ‘World of Natural Health, Success & Happiness’.
  • We have 4 offices in Pakistan including 2 in Clifton Karachi; the running cost of offices is about four Million.
  • *Wrapping Up!

ZSSRC is an ISO certified company founded by Prof. Abdul Samad in 1993. It is a centre of learning and teaching unique natural & holistic healing methods. However Zheel Sciences is now focusing all its energies and resources on 3 most effective courses discovered by Prof. Abdul Samad including Samda Healing System, Human Magnetic Frequency (H.M.F) and Power of Mind & Body Language (PMBL).

Every course serves its unique purpose. SAMDA is a ‘Life Changing Formula’ concerned with healing chronic physical and psychological disorders by activating body energy centers (chakras), increasing the life healing force and turning the path of thinking and action towards positivity. HMF deals with the human magnetic frequencies, unlocking hidden potentials and helps in achieving daily, monthly, and yearly goals. PMBL introduces a person to the power of mind and body language for getting real success in life.