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Zheel Sciences Studies and Research Centre (ZSSRC) was founded in 1993 by the brilliant researcher and author Prof. Abdul Samad with the mission of spreading the message of living a healthy, happy and successful life by exploring yourself and the world around you with a positive and practical approach. Zheel Sciences Institute has been serving humanity for more than 20 years through healing sessions, free seminars, talk shows and informative documentaries.

This great mission is not confined to sessions and lectures only; Prof. Abdul Samad has also discovered the World Most Powerful Healing System ‘SAMDA’ to make people independent, successful and healthy beings on earth to recognize and fulfill the purpose of their creation. Other discoveries include HMF and PMBL, which emphasize over utilizing the human magnetic forces and inner potential at optimal level to get desired success in life. Prof. Abdul Samad has also authored 15 books to educate people about the reasons of distressed life today and its easy-to-implement solution to get back to successful life practically.

This journey does not end here; Zheel Sciences under the command of Prof. Abdul Samad is committed to establish free health camps and clinics in every corner of the world to provide free natural health services and education to the specific section of society living below the poverty line. Today thousands of SAMDA healers are using these miraculous healing powers to treat all kinds of physical, psychological and spiritual issues with ‘No Side Effect’ at all.

The only purpose behind this unending struggle and determination is to make people ‘Know Themselves’, their ‘Natural Powers given by Almighty’ irrespective of their cast, creed and culture to live with dignity, compassion and independence they actually deserve for being the ‘Supreme Creature’ in the whole universe.