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Zheel Sciences Studies and Research Center (ZSSRC) is an ISO certified company. It has been serving people for more than 20 years to bring them to the natural, healthy and successful life with no side effects of harmful medicines. This privacy policy describes the ways we use to collect information from our clients and students and use it for managing records. Personal data has been collected either through online forms submitted by our students/clients or through offline form registration required for attending the healing sessions.

We at ZSSRC are strictly adhered to the policy of respecting the privacy of information we collect from our students and clients. We use this information for managing their details in order to get in touch with them and provide them the latest updates and guidance they require with changing rules. The client/student information we have collected has never been used for any illegal or restricted purpose. The sole purpose of collecting personal data is to use this information to keep track of happenings and to avoid confusion created intentionally or unintentionally by any kind of illicit act, committed by any person, in the name of Zheel Sciences.

Being an independent health and people welfare organization, Zheel Sciences Studies and Research Center (ZSSRC) reserves the right to change its privacy policy anytime according to the changing terms and conditions. Whatever the reason will be, no personal data will be shared with third party unless we believe and declare it within the prescribed law. Also the required changes in privacy policy will be posted here on website to make effective immediately. Previously collected data will be treated according to the changed policy to keep our records updated.

Zheel Sciences & its team is committed to respect the privacy of our students/clients along with providing them the best deal of knowledge and treatment to alleviate their miseries and introduce them to the enlightened world of positive and practical approach to find the purpose of being here and to achieve it successfully.