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At ZSSRC, we prefer quality over quantity; therefore our customer service is unique in its essence of providing quality information focusing on benefiting our customers to the best possible level. Unlike other call centers we deal each client with individual focused attention. Our aim is to completely satisfy our customers while providing them an excellent customer service experience that will leave them with no other option except to form a healthy permanent bond with ZSSRC.

This etiquette is not just confined to our call centre, rather it is a practice exercised by each and every employee of ZSSRC. We are extremely grateful to Almighty for making us setting a high bar in mannerism. However, setting a target is one thing and its implementation is another; we have been blessed with a team who takes such aspirations to the next level.

What we focus upon includes:

  • Quality over quantity of time
  • Equal treatment of students/clients
  • Highest level of etiquettes practiced uniformly throughout ZSSRC
  • Aim for complete satisfaction of our students/clients
  • To form a healthy professional relationship with all our students/clients.
  • Always willing to help as much as we can in a professional environment.
  • Professional approach in tackling all situations.