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  • *Control Depression through Natural Methods – List of Topics

What is Depression?  

Symptoms/Reasons/Treatment of Depression           

Depression in Children                                  

Unreasonable Concern/Anxiety and Restlessness     

Disorder of Digestive System                                    

Self Accusation


Gender Biasness                                                        

Sexual Problems/Fear                         

Power of Thinking

Miracle of Confidence 

Healing/Treatment through Mind Power                   

Theoretical Healing

Getting Rid of Negative/Unrealistic Thinking                                  

Positive Soliloquy/Monologue                                   

Relation between Thinking and Character                

Release/Salvation from Suppressed Fear       

How to Live Purposeful Life                                                 

Discovery of Suitable Aim                                        

Leaving Bad Habits                           

Auto Suggestion        

Meditation – Types of Meditation

Removing Depression with Meditation

Religions & Meditation

Modern Meditation

Concentration of Attention

Scientific Experiments


Ideal Body-Aura

Breathing Therapy

Suitable and Proper Diet

Stop Physical Movements

Useful Physical Exercise

Yoga (Yog) – History of Yog

Contact with Zheeli Creature

Benefits of Yog

Zheel Yog Exercises – 7 Days Plan

Zheel Sciences

Samda – Levels of Samda

Samda and Human Sympathy

Questions about Samda

Experiences of Students

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