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Zheel Sciences Studies and Research Center (ZSSRC) offers 3 great courses discovered & developed by Prof. Abdul Samad.

1- SAMDA (World Most Powerful Healing System)

2- HMF (Human Magnetic Frequency)

3- PMBL (Power of Mind & Body language)

Thousands of people have changed their lives and the lives of those living around them by using these life changing courses and by applying success formulas and motivating lessons discussed during the sessions. 

Let’s have a look at these courses briefly. 

  • *SAMDA

SAMDA is a ‘Life Changing Formula’ which makes you able to change every aspect of your life by using the power of positive thinking and by utilizing your natural abilities according to present conditions. This natural healing course unlocks your potential healing energies and connects them with powerful healing energies present in this universe. This attunement makes you heal yourself and others for all kinds of problems disturbing your physical, psychological, spiritual, social & financial life. SAMDA is the most powerful healing energy with no side effect at all. Read More.


  • *HMF

HMF is a ‘Life Success Formula’ which activates human magnetic force and makes you an appealing personality to get success in every aspect of your life. In HMF you learn to reach your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals by using ‘special success keys’ discussed during the session. It has been proved to be a miraculous course to become a real successful person in life by utilizing your personal abilities and by applying specific success formulas to convert your dreams into reality. Read More.


  • *PMBL

PMBL deals with the ‘Power of Mind & Body Language’ and makes you use these powers to live a happy, healthy and successful life. In this course you learn to use your face expressions, vocal impressions, body movements and word power in an excellent presentable way to become a welcoming personality for people around you. Read More.

After attending these amazing natural health courses, people feel obvious positive changes in their thinking patterns, everyday actions & reactions, cognitive powers and discerning abilities which help them to become a successful person in a real sense.