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  • *What is SAMDA Healing System?

SAMDA is a ‘Life & Healing Force’ which deals with all issues one can face in his life. It is considered the best natural healing system which cures almost all types of physical, psychological & spiritual problems at fastest recovery rate with no side effect at all. 

Everyone can attend this course to activate his natural healing powers & use it to solve every problem occurring in his life or in the life of people around him.  

Levels of SAMDA

SAMDA has been divided into following levels.

  • SAMDA Level 1-4 (Basic Level)
  • SAMDA Level 5-8 (Advanced Level)
  • SAMDA Level 9 (More Advanced Level)
  • SAMDA Master Level

Every level carries a strong flow of energy to deal with specific range of issues.

What do You Learn in SAMDA?

SAMDA is a complete ‘Life Changing Formula’ where you (as a healer) learn to:

  • Apply your natural healing powers to cure all kinds of problems disturbing your personal, social & financial life.
  • Use the power of positive thinking to undo the effect of negative elements in your life. 
  • Live a healthy, happy & successful life in a real sense with a practical & positive approach. 
  • *How SAMDA Helps You to Resolve All Kinds of Problems in Life?

SAMDA has proved be the best natural treatment method because of having 100% positive effect on all aspects of life. By using this natural healing method, one can bring significant positive changes in his physical, psychological, spiritual, financial and social life etc.

Below we have discussed the effect of this best healing system over 8 major aspects of human life. Let’s have a look at them one by one to understand its effectiveness properly.    


Physical Problems & SAMDA

With SAMDA, you can cure almost all kinds of physical problems ranging from basic health issues to chronic diseases. Moreover it makes you physically fit, active & charged to fulfill your everyday life responsibilities with an extra efficiency. Diseases which have been cured through SAMDA include Insomnia, Joint Pain, Hair Fall, Acne Scars, Skin Problems, Obesity, Asthma, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Thyroid Problems, Drug Abuse, Malaria, Jaundice, Infertility, Kidney/ Gall bladder Stones, Lung Infections, Hepatitis (A,B,C,E), Cancer, Heart Issues, Physical Disability, Brain Tumor, Arthritis, Osteoporosis and many more.

Psychological Problems & SAMDA

SAMDA leaves an excellent impact over your mental state of health as well. Depression, tension, fear, phobia & other types of psychological disorders can be effectively treated by using ‘Life Healing Force’ of SAMDA. It also improves your brain power & gives you mental relief to understand and solve life issues in a normal healthy way. Psychological issues which you can treat with SAMDA include stress, tension, anxiety, fear, phobia, depression, illusion/delusions, schizophrenia, psychosis, short term memory, inferiority & superiority complexes and much more people face everyday.     

Spiritual Problems & SAMDA

Being a positive energy, SAMDA kills all kinds of negative influences creating spiritual problems in life. With SAMDA positive force, you can deal with any kind of spiritual/negative issue to make your life free from its distressing effect. Spiritual issues which you can treat with SAMDA include evil eye, negative thinking, negative effects caused by negative objects and creatures and other related issues disturbing the spiritual aspect of our lives.

Financial Problems & SAMDA

Financial issues can also be resolved by using this amazing life changing formula. Thousands of students have changed their financial status & attained desired financial stability by using SAMDA regularly. Unlike other healing methods, SAMDA makes you get out of your tight financial corner & enjoy an independent life with no more dependency at all. It can actually make you achieve the financial independence and freedom you often dream about.      

Educational Problems & SAMDA

SAMDA & students is another interesting aspect we often discuss in sessions & seminars. Students can use this life healing force to resolve their educational issues. They can boost their brain power, get better grades in exams, sharpen their memory, boost their confidence & discuss their viewpoint in an expressive & impressive way. SAMDA can help them resolve their behavioral issues as well & can let them have a confident & positive personality to stand apart from the rest.

Children Problems & SAMDA

SAMDA have a lovely relationship with children. They feel happy, fresh & more energetic by using SAMDA energy. The reason is simple; SAMDA is a positive energy & children carry high level of positivity as compared to elders. When two are combined together, they create a wonderful effect on children’s personality. By learning & applying SAMDA healing system you can make your children more energetic, confident, intelligent, understanding, obedient & self reliant particularly.   

Relationship Problems & SAMDA

Relationships are responsibilities and we need to improve them & keep them at best possible level in order to live a happy & satisfied life. If people learn to improve their relationships, it can bring an obvious positive change in our lives. SAMDA helps you improve your relationships & makes you fulfill your responsibilities to give you a happy life in a real sense.  

Behavioral Problems & SAMDA

SAMDA has also proved to be an amazing force to deal with behavioral issues. Common behavioral issues including arrogance, anger, bad behavior, egoism, pride, inferiority & superiority complexes, lack of understanding ability, frustration & a lot more related issues can be amiably resolved by learning & applying SAMDA life & healing force regularly.

  • *Informative Videos to Understand SAMDA
What is SAMDA Healing?

Understanding SAMDA Healing System

Informative Documentary on SAMDA Healing System

World Most Successful Healing System SAMDA

  • *What People Say About SAMDA? (Visual Remarks)
Treatment with SAMDA
What is Possible with SAMDA?

Blessings of SAMDA
Advantages of SAMDA

  • *SAMDA vs Other Healing Systems
SAMDA Natural Healing System
  • Only 10-15 min are required for SAMDA healing session.
  • SAMDA can be applied anywhere, anytime.
  • No specific position is required. It works in every condition.
  • SAMDA attunement process takes few minutes only.
  • SAMDA involves no concept of intention, suggestion or belief.
  • No such condition is involved. It works perfectly at distance too.
  • No side effect has ever been reported in SAMDA healing system.
Other Healing Systems
  • One session can take min 45-90 minutes.
  • Other healing methods require specific environment.
  • Specific position is required to apply healing energy.
  • Attunement process can take hours.
  • These healing systems involve intention, suggestion & belief.
  • Placing hands is a condition to transfer healing energy.
  • Min to max risk of side effect always remains present.
  • *Books to Read about SAMDA in Details
World Most Successful Healing System SAMDA
best natural healing system
  • This book talks about the world most successful healing system ‘SAMDA’ & its amazing effect on every aspect of our life.
  • It describes how millions of people have been benefited from this natural healing force.
  • This book also answers those questions you might want to ask about SAMDA life & healing force.
  • It discusses a lot of things you want to know about this fastest healing energy & its miraculous impact over everything we deal with.

This Book is available in English & Urdu both.

The Secret World of Healing Methods
best natural healing system
  • This book is unique in its subject. It discusses amazing & interesting details about healing energies every human being can have & use to bring happiness & success in his life.
  • It talks about chakra healing, energy centers & their activation, mind soul & body healing and lot more secrets about natural healing methods.
  • This book explains how to become a healer & reach the master level through step by step attunement process.

This Book is available in English & Urdu both.