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  • A Child Born with Miraculous Healing Energies!
  • A Child with Incredible Mind Powers!
  • A Child with Startling Abilities!
  • A Child with Marvelous Skills to Shock the World!

Born with God-gifted abilities such as the ability of marvelous healing, enhanced intellect and mind powers, super-activated energy centers (chakras), magnetic and telekinetic endowment and a gigantic aura signaling towards his advanced magnetic frequencies, the boy was no less than a miracle of Allah (God). With his marvelous healing abilities either by touching people or by healing them at distance, the boy became the centre of attraction for everyone around. At the early age of 9, this boy found himself surrounded by the multitudes of disquieted, diseased and wretched ones. Soon he became the symbol of hope for the hopeless, reliance for the ones drowning and most definitely the one to look upon when every other healing system/method had failed.

His reputation grew with every passing day and so did his renown. He was still a young boy when people from far and near places began sending delegations, requesting him to visit their towns to heal the people suffering from incurable diseases. There came a time when he had to heal hundreds or sometimes thousands of people at a time: exhibiting an awe-inspiring display of highly advanced healing powers.

His splendor was not limited to healing diseases alone. His presence in town meant more fortune for the people; they started placing stones and rocks energized by his hands amidst the canals to irrigate their fields. The energized water irrigated their crops and resulted in significantly higher yield. The positive effects of his powers become endless. Consequently, the number of deprived masses coming to seek his assistance kept on increasing until it became impossible for him to cater everyone. But still refusing to help those distressed people was never an option for him. Such situation made him to think about finding a way to make more people like himself. So he eventually decided to first learn and understand his own powers and transfer them to people around to make them heal themselves and others successfully.  

  • *Research & Development Phase

This was when he moved out of his hometown and began his journey to become & prove himself the world best healer. He traveled to the distant parts of the world and learned miraculous energy secrets, arts, concepts of alternative medicines with the help of world greatest books and under the guidance of world best teachers and mentors he could find for these specific fields of studies. He learned and practiced martial arts, yoga, reiki, acupressure, sophism, spirituality, reflexology, color therapy, metaphysics, telepathy, hypnosis, meditation and some other kinds of knowledge that were quite rare. But still that huge treasure of knowledge was not enough to explain the true essence of powers he already had. So he kept on learning and exploring the universal energies and the hidden amazing powers a human being can have. After several years of research, he eventually found his answers in an ancient civilization named ‘Zheel’.

Prof. Abdul Samad has been blessed with the innate ability to cure chronic diseases within shortest span of time. This miraculous ability made him curious to research over it & to develop an organized healing system through which other human beings would also become able to heal themselves without any side effect. This curiosity and extensive research of decades paved the way for the establishment of Zheel Sciences Studies and Research Center (ZSSRC) in 1993 to bring all kinds of natural healing methods under one roof. He has deeply studied world ancient civilizations and their amazing powers, archaeology, exobiology, mind sciences, hidden powers of human mind and body, psychology and human behavior. This vast array of knowledge led him to write 15 books on various subjects exploring the amazing ways to get healthy and successful life in this distressed and hopeless world.

Books Written by Prof. Abdul Samad

1- Naturopathy

2- Metaphysical Sciences

3- Control Depression through Natural Methods

4- The Secret World of Healing Methods

5- World’s Most Successful Healing System SAMDA

World best healing system samda book by dr.samad

metaphysical sciences book by dr.samad

control depression by natural method book by dr.samad
Natural Medicine Book by Dr.Samad
secret world of healing methods book by dr.samad

Being a spiritual healing expert, he has also discovered life changing courses and converted them into complete systems ready to be implemented after attending just 2-3 sessions. It includes SAMDA, HMF & PMBL. Today thousands of healers are applying Prof. Abdul Samad’s amazing success formulas globally to cure almost all kinds of problems with 0% side effect. Thousands of seminars and workshops have been conducted by ZSSRC to make people use their natural healing potential to resolve simple to complex issues, blocking the way of real success in life.

Discoveries of Prof. Abdul Samad

1- SAMDA Healing System (World’s Most Successful Healing Therapy) Must Watch Video for SAMDA

2- HMF (Human Magnetic Frequency; the World’s Most Effective Formula for Personal Success) Must Watch Video for HMF

3- PMBL (Power of Mind and Body Language) Must Watch Video for PMBL

Prof. Abdul Samad has done a Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), licensed by Society of NLP (USA) and Richard Bandler. He is the instructor of Silva Ultra Mind ESP System (USA) www.silvaultramind.com. He has been acclaimed as ‘Prince of Healing’ due to his endeavors to alleviate the miseries of poor people and to revive the concept of natural healthy life in a real sense. Various organizations, universities and NGOs have also acknowledged his miraculous personality as spiritual and natural health expert and awarded him for serving the humanity in a unique way which has never been implemented by anyone, anywhere in the world.

Awards & Achievements
  1. Brilliant Researcher for Human Powers Quaid-e-Azam Gold medal Award. (2000)
  2. Best Services and Contribution of Human Justification. (2001)
  3. Best Performance for Human Rights. (2011)
  4. National Health & Peace Award. (2012)
  5. Pakistan Peace Award. (2011)
  6. Achievement Award from PPA. (2003)
  7. Youth Leadership Conference. (19th July-12)
  8. Best Performance Award. (2011)
  9. NPCIH (Peace Commission for Interfaith Harmony. (2012)
  10. TIBB-E- PAKISTAN Best Physician AWARD. (2004)
  11. TIBBE Conference. (2012)
  12. Shield of Excellence 18th International conference of integrated medicine.
  13. Human Rights Award. (2012)
  14. Lahore Social Health Conference. (2012)
  15. 3rd Martyr Naim Benazir Human Rights Award. (2011)
  16. International TB Day. (2012)
  17. Best Natural Health Achievement Award.

Prof. Abdul Samad has been a spiritual guide for many Doctors, Parents, Students, Housewives, Teachers, Children, Businessmen, Acupressurists, Herbalists, Engineers, Scholars & Professionals from all walks of life. Today thousands of SAMDA Healers are helping humanity to fight against disease and despair with the power of positive thinking and strong belief in personal abilities bestowed by Almighty to every person created for this universe.

world best healer and natural health expert
Being an expert of natural health & wellness, Prof. Abdul Samad has also been the famous anchor of his top rated TV Health show ‘Natural Health with Dr. Samad’ on HTV. Also he has appeared on other national, international and private TV channels including PTV NEWS, Health TV, PTV HOME, CNN, BBC, Business Plus, Such TV, ARY NEWS, HUM TV, GEO TV, TV ONE, ATV, INDUS TV, VIBE TV & HAQ TV etc.

  • *Moving On & On……

Prof. Abdul Samad is a man with a mission. A mission to help people achieve the best state of health, happiness and success! For this purpose he is working day and night to spread awareness among people by conducting free seminars on natural health and special courses (SAMDA, HMF, PMBL) under the banner of ZSSRC, healing poor people in free health camps organized by his Health Happiness Society & producing a wide range of natural medicines in Natural Medicine Laboratories. His production house ‘Samad Production’ has also been a source of great informative documentaries on natural health and mind sciences to make people aware of natural healthy life style.

Prof. Abdul Samad, the world best healer, strongly advocates the concept of healthy and happy life with no junk food and chemical mixed products around. He welcomes everyone to come & join the great mission of healthy, happy & successful life to make more helping hands to serve the humanity in a way it deserves!