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  • * Basic FAQs for SAMDA Healing Energy
What is SAMDA?
How Long It can Take to Cure a Certain Disease by SAMDA Healing Energy?
What Kind of Diseases/Issues can be Cured by SAMDA?
What Makes SAMDA the Most Powerful Healing System?
How Long It Takes to Become a SAMDA Healer?
Can We Apply SAMDA with Other Treatment Methods Too?
What is the Eligibility to Become a SAMDA Healer?
  • *FAQs regarding Re-Hops Session
What Does Re-Hops Mean?
What are the Benefits of Re-Hops?
What If I could not come to attend the Re-Hops Session for being at distance or for any other reason?
Is It Mandatory to Take Re-hops?
What is the Best Way to Enhance the Healing Power?