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ZSSRC is now going international, catering to the needs of students globally.

For this, we are going to arrange free RE-HOPS sessions & free healing camps throughout the world, especially in all major cities of Pakistan.

In order to initiate and continue this humanitarian service, we need your cooperation in arranging the whole process. To make it a collective effort, we are inviting all students to work with us in organizing these free RE-HOPS sessions and camps in their respective cities.

Students from Karachi/Hyderabad have already extended their cooperation and arranged the facility & free registration is going on for free RE-HOPS sessions in these cities. Those from LAHORE or RAWALPINDI/ISLAMABAD can contact us for details about where & how to make possible the arrangement of RE-HOPS sessions/camps in their cities as well.


NOTE: Only RE-HOPS Sessions & Healing Camps for Treatment are free. For new registrations, students will be charged according to the current package. RE-Hops facility is available for Karachi/LHR/ISB/Hyderabad while free healing camps will be arranged throughout the country depending upon the available arrangements & facilities.


Join us to make this initiative successful to spread this light to every corner of the country. This amount will be utilized to arrange RE-HOPS sessions/healing camps and cover TA/DA expenses while students attending RE-HOPS (in free RE-HOPS sessions) or patients coming for treatment (in free camps) will not be charged at all for healing services.

Note: Don’t forget to mention ‘Helping Hand for free session/camp’ in details. 

You can also email us at donations@drabdulsamad.com for confirmation.

  • *For International Students/Donors

International students or donors can contribute using our PayPal account. 

Our PayPal ID is: hh.society@outlook.com

Payoneer & Skrill are also available to send contributions. Contact us at donations@drabdulsamad.com for details.

Upcoming Free Healing Camps Schedule