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Why Housewives Should Learn SAMDA (Healing Energy)?

Families are building blocks of society. If families are strong, society is strong but today family fiber is deteriorating which is resulting into a disturbing social structure. If we look a little deeper, we will find that the number one reason behind weak or broken family structure is disturbing state of mind of house wives. Whatever the reason is, if a house wife is not satisfied and happy, a family can never be called a ‘Happy Family’.

After learning SAMDA Healing Energy, house wives learn to:

  1. Cope with everyday challenges at home.
  2. Handle their family; husband, children and in-laws (if exist) in a better way.
  3. Identify the negative elements disturbing the happiness of life either due to other family members or due to their own negative thinking.
  4. Live within their means & continue to utilize the resources in a better way to live a life they actually dream about.
  5. Prove themselves a successful and stable house wife with a strong and happy family.

A stable and strong family life mostly revolves around a house wife and her happiness and satisfaction is influences the whole environment. It’s not only a ‘Responsibility’ but a ‘Right’ to learn how to live a happy life and how to eliminate all negative factors blocking the way of happiness they actually deserve.