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Here is the collection of Best Natural Health Books written by Prof. Abdul Samad, World Renowned Researcher and Master Healer. Prof. Abdul Samad has been the best spiritual guide and teacher to people coming from various walks of life. His students include doctors, healers, professionals, businessmen, housewives, parents, students, scholars and natural health experts etc.

Prof. Abdul Samad has written 15 books on natural health and alternative medicine to create awareness about the importance of natural and healthy lifestyle and to make people avoid the side effects of medicines. 5 of the best books are available here & more will be available soon for valued readers.

These books contain unique valuable information on natural health and reveal wonderful secrets about hidden healing powers, self healing techniques, natural self grooming tactics and a lot more you’ll never find elsewhere.

So if you are interested to read books about natural health, self healing and self healing attunement, order the following books now and we’ll send you these self healing books within few days.(depending upon your location.)

These natural healing books are available in English and Urdu languages to make our audience read and understand them according to their languages preferences.

NOTE: eBooks are also available now and ready for sale on their respective pages. Click the books below to buy them now. You can also call us or contact here to order any book you want to read.

Natural Health Books in English

world most successful healing system SAMDA. - prof. abdul samad

secret world of healing methods. - prof.adbul samad

depression treatment through natural methods. - prof abdul samad

metaphysical sciences. - prof. abdul samad

naturopathy. - prof. abdul samad

Natural Health Books in Urdu

samda healing therapy. - prof abdul samad

shifaayee tawanaye ki dunya. - prof abdul samad


depression modern treatment. - prof abdul samad

marwaaye uloom. - prof abdul samad

natural treatment. - prof abdul samad