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Check out the ‘Natural Health Videos by Prof. Abdul Samad’ on almost all topics regarding your physical, mental & spiritual health. These natural health videos not only will provide you valuable information on how to treat chronic diseases, how to achieve success in life, how to discover your true self and how to unlock your potential healing energies but also will explain why thousands of people are applying and appreciating these miraculous healing energy techniques discovered by Prof. Abdul Samad to benefit millions of people around the world. 


What is SAMDA Healing System?

What is HMF (Human Magnetic Force)?
What is PMBL?

Blessings of SAMDA

Discover Aim of Life with HMF
Advantages of SAMDA

What do People Say about SAMDA?

What is Possible with SAMDA?

Meditation & SAMDA

How to Achieve Success in Life?

How to Improve Confidence?

How to Discover Yourself?

Evil Eye & Human Health

Deal with Negativity with SAMDA

What is Positive Energy?


Guaranteed Success with Positivity

Children Problems & SAMDA

Reflexology & SAMDA

Hydrotherapy & SAMDA
Sufism and Motivation

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